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Through Jesus, God redeems our stories and creates new ones. We'd love to show you who Jesus is.

St. Barnabas welcomes all people. We are part of the welcoming churches of Cape Cod--so no matter who you are--we welcome you. We care about each other, our community and deepening our faith.

Our Sunday Schedule

8:00 a.m. | Eucharist Rite I

9:30 a.m. Sunday School

10:00 a.m. | Eucharist Rite II with choir
Nursery Care is available for this service.

Sunday School Children start in the Parish Hall at 9:30 and join us in the Church for the Eucharist.

We're located in Falmouth on Cape Cod.

From the Bourne Bridge, follow Route 28 to Falmouth Center, follow signs to Main Street. We are the large stone church located on the south side of the Village Green.

Our Sunday Schedule

8:00 a.m. | Eucharist Rite I

9:30 a.m. Sunday School

10:00 a.m. | Eucharist Rite II with choir
Nursery Care is available for this service.

Sunday School Children start in the Parish Hall at 9:30 and join us in the Church for the Eucharist.

We're located in Falmouth on Cape Cod.

From the Bourne Bridge, follow Route 28 to Falmouth Center, follow signs to Main Street. We are the large stone church located on the south side of the Village Green.


Rector Search


Search Committee Members

Rachel Rhude, Susan Schmidt, Ambrose Jearld, Heidi Stahl, Randy Hensley,  Fredrica Harris, & Elinor Horner, our Search Consultant (left to right) not pictured: Brian Bint,  Paul Gentile


Search Committee Update - June 7, 2018

Gracious God, we offer ourselves to your will and guidance. We join the Search Committee with their enthusiasm and joy as they take the next steps to call our next rector.  Fill that servant with your strength, power, and love.  Be with us in this exciting time, fill us with strength and willingness to answer the call you have for each of us. Amen.

At this writing, the three rector finalists have come and gone, and we are thanking God and the Holy Spirit for bringing such gifted, loving, and wise people into our midst. The finalists met with staff, enjoyed the hospitality of the Vestry in the Rectory, and dinner and final interviews with the Search Committee. On Sunday, the Search Committee will present its choice to the Vestry to vote upon.  Once the contract is finalized, the Vestry will announce the name of the person called to be rector to the parish. If all goes well, you can anticipate hearing the good news at the end of June or early July. 
Thank you for your patience during this interim period. We have felt and appreciated your prayers of support and encouragement. And we are so excited to welcome our new rector to Saint Barnabas!

Your Search Committee -- Heidi Stahl, Chairperson; Brian Bint, Paul Gentile, Ambrose Jearld, Rachael Rhude, Susan Schmidt, Fredrica Thompsett

Search Committee Update - April 8, 2018

The Search Committee is happy to report that we are making great progress toward calling our next rector. We have been blessed with a very strong pool of candidates, a faithful committee, and the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. As we go through the final steps of the Search, we are confident that whoever answers our call will be a deep blessing to the life of St. Barnabas. 

We are currently visiting a handful of applicants in their home parishes, hearing them preach and watching them preside. These visits will be complete in April. The next step is to have three finalists visit St. Barnabas. They will bring their families, meet with the staff and the vestry, have dinner with the Search Committee and be taken on a tour around Falmouth. We hope to complete these visits by the end of May. 

If all that goes to plan, we will present our first choice to the Vestry on June 10. Assuming the Vestry vote approves our choice, the Vestry will then extend an offer and negotiate the contract. 

Please continue to keep our work and the clergy who we are visiting in your prayers as we move closer to calling the next leader of our beloved St. Barnabas. 

Parish Profile

As applications arrive ~

Gracious God,

As members of St. Barnabas charged with responsibility as a Search Committee, we offer ourselves to your will and guidance. We ask our fellow parishioners to join us with their enthusiasm, entering into the prayer that sustains all of us in this interim time. Fill the servant you choose to answer our call with your strength, power, and love. Help us to see one another as you see each of us.  Let us be joyful in hope, patient in the unknown, and faithful in prayer. Amen.

Search Committee Update - Jan. 3, 2018

In this season of new beginnings, the St. Barnabas Rector Search Committee is pleased to share the parish profile. As you review this beautiful document, you will see your input -- from the "What Do I Love About St. Barnabas?" cards that you completed last winter, to the conversations you participated in over spring and summer, to your survey responses in the autumn. We thank you for your contributions and support in creating a profile that reflects the lively and committed spiritual community that we share and create together every day. 

For the next six weeks, we will be receiving names from people seeking to lead a church. The committee will be culling that list and conducting phone interviews with those who seem the best matches for St. Barnabas. Please continue to keep us and our work on behalf of the parish in your prayers. 


The Prayer for Transition

O God, you have called us by name to follow you. May we have the courage to follow these unknown paths, protected by your love. Let us make your name and love known. Guide us in taking care of cruel and kind, freeing prisoners from their bonds and healing the sick. Help us love the parts of ourselves we hide the way you love us. Calm our fears. Give us faith to reshape the world in your truth and love. Travel these unfamiliar paths with us. Lead us in your footsteps, carry us, should we fall, and give us confidence that you are in our uncertain future. We pray in you, your life ever in us. Amen.

Rev. Louise Reading Recommendation for interim time...

Transitions - Making Sense of Life's Changes by William Bridges

"Whether switching jobs or moving house, leaving school or retiring, change brings both opportunities and turmoil. Most of us struggle through such periods. This classic book shows how making a successful transition lets you recognize and seize new opportunities. With the understanding born of experience, William Bridges takes us step by step through the three stages of transition: Endings -Recognize endings as opportunities as well as losses, and even celebrate them with rituals designed to open new doors.The Neutral Zone - In this seemingly unproductive “time-out,” we feel disconnected from the past and emotionally unconnected to the present. The New Beginning - A successful transition requires more than persevering: it means launching new priorities. This book can lead the way to your and/or our future."


August 19, 2017

We are excited to have completed most of our discernment work and to be making great progress on the Parish Profile. We have finished three discernment efforts – the cards, the coffee conversations, and conversations with summer members, staff, ministry leaders, the Senior Warden and the Dean.

  • Next week (8/24/17), the parish will receive a short survey via a link in the Weekly Update (print copies will be available for those who are not online).
  • The survey will be open for two weeks -- through Thursday, September 7.  
  • When we have analyzed the survey data, we will put finishing touches on the Profile then submit it to the Search consultant for review.
  • After that, the Parish will have an opportunity to look at the Profile.
  • The Vestry then receives the Profile to review and approve.
  • After that, the Diocesan Transition Minister reviews and approves the Profile.
  • Concurrently, as the Chair, I am also preparing other required paperwork.
  • When that is complete and the Profile has been approved, all documents will be published on the Episcopal Church Headquarters web site.
  • At that point, we will begin receiving names, a period that lasts 4-6 weeks, during which the committee is deciding who we want to interview, visit, and invite for a visit to St. Barnabas.
  • At the outside, we hope to begin receiving names no later than the end of the year.
  • High-level view of the process in early 2018:
    • We will likely interview between 10-15 candidates, visit 4-6 candidates, and invite 3 finalists to visit St. Barnabas -- these three also meet with the Bishop and interview the Vestry.

We hold the parish in our prayers as we continue this work. Please keep us in your prayers as we seek our new rector.

June 22, 2017 -  Timing of the Rector Search Process

Recently, we’ve been asked about the timing of the rector search process. We’re happy to share the anticipated timeline. Please note that this is simply a rough approximation.

  • From now through summer: Discernment for creating parish profile. For example, “What Do You Love About Saint Barnabas?” cards, coffee conversations, upcoming online survey, conversations with staff and lay leaders – any work toward creating the parish profile.
  •  Autumn: Parish profile reviewed and approved by Vestry and then by Diocese. Once the profile is approved, it is shared with the national church, for publication on their web site.
  • Winter 2018: Receive applications from potential candidates.
  • Spring/Summer 2018: Visit and interview candidates. This process takes several months.

As we winnow the group of candidates, the search committee shares names with the Bishop so that the appropriate oversight is in place. Ultimately, the rector search committee shares one name with the Vestry, who vote on that person (we also have two "back-ups", just in case).

So what can we do in the next year while we wait for a new rector? Here are a few ideas:

  • Pray for the search committee and for St. Barnabas. Let God into our hopes, fears, dreams for our spiritual growth and the growth of St. Barnabas. 
  • Pray for our future rector. She or he is also traveling through a time of transition.
  • Consider what we might learn in this in-between time where our past is behind us and our future is still a year ahead. What gifts might God be waiting for us to accept?"
  • Consider how God might be calling us to a new way of being in our community. What gifts can we share? What comfort can we offer? What strength can we lend? 
  • Share insights and questions with the rector search committee. Keep talking to us! We are here to serve the parish. 

 + Heidi Stahl, on behalf of the Rector Search Committee

What Do You Love About Saint Barnabas?

Last week the Search Committee launched its first effort to learn
more about the character, values, and personality of our 
congregation as a whole. Continuing this week and next, 
cards asking are available for you to share your thoughts.  Completed cards will be collected at the services or you can mail it in.  If you didn't get one, we will have them available at the services for the next two weeks (until May 7).

February 13, 2017 - A Message from the Search Committee

In addition to regular announcements at Sunday services and reports to the Vestry, the Search Committee will use this space to provide occasional updates on where we are in the Search journey. 
To formally begin the process of discernment and searching for our new Rector, the Vestry and Search Committee spent half a day in meditation and conversation on Saturday, Feb. 11, facilitated by Elinor Horner, our Search Consultant. 
We reflected on times and places in and around St. Barnabas that we have felt God’s presence, and began to articulate the qualities we seek in a Rector who will honor and nurture those kinds of experiences. 
We also discussed the various roles that the Vestry and Search Committee will play in the Search journey. 
Everyone—not just the Search Committee or Vestry—will have a part to play in the Search. The search for candidates cannot begin until we have created a Parish Profile: a current picture of the strengths, challenges, gifts and wishes of the St. Barnabas community. This document will reflect who we are, who we have been, where we are going, where we hope to go. 
In the months to come, the Search Committee will actively seek your input, your desires, concerns and hopes. The Parish Profile is a vital part of our marketing materials; candidates use the profile to assess whether to apply to a church. You will have ample opportunity to share with the Search Committee the kind of Rector you want. We are committed to giving ample time to this important phase of the work. The more thorough this discernment, the more successful the search is likely to be. 
The Search Committee’s next step will be to start planning how to collect all the information that goes into the Parish Profile. We’ll likely employ a mix of methods: informal conversations, group activities after church, shared dinners. However we go about this, I anticipate that it will be a rich and rewarding experience, one that offers an opportunity for all of us to grow together into deeper community and connection with one another. We will keep you all informed as we decide upon our approaches for generating the Parish Profile information. 
Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward together. And don’t hesitate to ask questions or share concerns with any of us. 

Heidi Stahl on behalf of the Search Committee: Brian Bint, Paul Gentile, Fredrica Harris, Randy Hensley, Ambrose Jearld, Rachel Rhude, Susan Schmidt